The Complete Cloud Based Unified Communication Platform

Unified Communication Unified Communication

We bring all your calls, texts, web chats, emails and social media interactions with customers into one single unified interface for a better customer experience, less staff training and improved efficiency.

QContact will revolutionise how your contact centre handles customer communication

With no software to install or hardware to purchase, you can be up and running in hours not months


Complete omni-channel inbound interaction handling and skills-based routing

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Reduce costs by implementing omni-channel self-service and IVR options

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A complete automated dialing platform to increase sales and agent performance

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Phone, Email, SMS, Webchat and Social Media - all in one unified interface

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Improve your Sales

With out-of-the-box links into the popular CRM systems such as Salesforce and Dynamics, your sales team can effortlessly communicate with your prospects across channels, whilst ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date, helping your sales team spend less time on admin and more time on sales.

  • No double entry
  • Deep two-way links to your CRM
  • Click to call
  • Powerful dialler functionality

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A better Customer Experience

No longer your customers have a different experience depending on how they contact you. By offering self-service across channels and providing your customer care team with a single unified view of customers, you not only improve your customer experience but also gain from significant cost reductions in training.

  • Advanced Omni Channel Self Service
  • Integration with helpdesk software
  • Single unified view
  • Improved NPS

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Easy to Manage

Our easy-to-use management interface provides a complete real-time view of your entire organisation. Whilst a comprehensive reporting suite enables you to run historical reports in seconds rather than days. With our intuitive configuration screens your managers can make changes instantly rather than wait for IT.

  • Real-time view
  • Complete Developer API
  • Complete Reporting Suite
  • Quality Assurance Tools & Reports

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Ensure Compliance
& Data Security

With the introduction of GDPR, data security has never been
more important. Built from the ground up to be compliant with
both GDPR and the upcoming ePrivacy directives due in 2019,
you can be assured of a compliant and safe solution.

  • One-click Subject Access Requests
  • Built-in consent management
  • Secure data-centres
  • GDPR Compliance Tools

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Solutions for Outsourced Contact Centres

QContact provides everything you need to provide inbound, outbound and blended offerings across the world.

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Solutions for e-Retailers

By linking directly into your e-commerce platform, QContact can help reduce cart abandon rates and bounce rates.

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