From Sales to Service - we offer a complete package

Across every use-case, customers want the same - a great experience. By using QContact you can deliver an outstanding experience whilst reducing your cost of handling each interaction.


Customer Care.

Help increase first call resolution and customer satisfaction ratings by providing self-service and a unified customer interface to your agents

  • Automatic NPS/CSAT surveys
  • Deep two-way integration with CRM, e-commerce and billing systems
  • Self-Service including IVR & AI technologies

Sales Teams.

Ensure your sales reps are maximising every opportunity as well as keeping on top of them with real-time reporting

  • Live Reporting, Coaching and Monitoring
  • Deep two-way integration with your CRM
  • Pull leads real-time from advertising campaigns

Technical Support.

By offering chat-bot AI functionality for common issues and automated routing to the correct department, you can save time and money on supporting your customers.

  • Advanced AI Self-Service across voice, text and live chat
  • Built-in case & ticket management
  • Automated self-learning interaction routing

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