Complete Unified Communication

In today's connected society, it is more important than ever to ensure that your contact centre supports not just phone calls but inquiries from all channels at all time.

We spent a year developing our new unified communication suite from the ground up to help power the next generation contact centre.

About Us

QContact has one simple mission - to power communication between businesses and their customers.

Every day, we handle tens of thousands of phone calls, emails, texts and social interactions through our platform between customers and users spread across the world.

As a privately held European company, you can be assured that we put our customers not our shareholders first.

With presence in both Europe and North America, our global team works hard every day to build the best possible platform, reliability and features for our customers.

So whether you are moving from a legacy on-premise solution, migrating from an existing cloud-based solution, or even starting a new company, with QContact you can be rest assured you're in safe hands.